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A print focused advertising campaign titled "Only Lego"  that distinguishes Lego  from other construction toys in the market by highlighting its unique strengths and properties.


This print plays on two strengths of Lego, the first being Lego's ability to spark imagination in children. The second more subtle one hints at the quality and exactness of each brick -- the only product that'll quite literally keep your ideas watertight!


Remember the childhood stories and adventures you made up around your favourite Lego characters?


This is a nod to a standard Lego character's ability to be just about anything - endless possibilities, only with Lego!


Using the handle #OnlyLego, users share their childhood experiences and stories on Twitter or Facebook.


For every story shared, Lego sets aside one brick for charity, eventually donating complete sets to good causes worldwide!


This way, the campaign not only markets, but donates - helping create a family-friendly, wholesome image for Lego.

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